Final Fantasy 14 – FFXIV – Leveling Bot/Script

So, you have been playing Final Fantasy XIV for a month now, and you are still only what level 20 or worse?  Why?  I have found a great program that works 100% with ffxiv that will level your character automatically.  Its called MMOViper’s FFXIV Bot!

So what is it?  Well, its a program you run, after you launch Final Fantasy 14.  Once it loads up, you are presented with options.  These options include all kinds of great things like what spells to use, when to use them, where to hunt, what to kill, etc.  Now, it takes a little getting used to it if you have never worked with a ffxiv leveling bot before.  But thanks to the great setup videos they offer, all you really have to do is watch the movie, and then copy whats in there to get everything setup.

Fortunately, most of the setup is already done for you.  If your keyboard is configured to the defaults, are already about 30% done.  If not, they have a really easy to use menu system that will let you set the keyboard commands that you use that are different from the defaults.

Next, you will setup the spells.  This is what they call hotkeys.  In ffxiv, think spells.  So for instance, if you are a conjurer, and you want to cast your fireball spell, its as simple as telling the bot, what key to press, how often to press it, and how long to wait for it to go off.  But it gets better.  In their hotkey system for ffxiv bot they have a priority system.  So if you want to heal yourself when you are below 50%, no matter what else you may be casting, its no problem.  Just set the priority and that heal/cure spell will go off exactly when you want it too.  Worrying about mana?  No further, you can also tell the bot to stop using specific spells if your mana gets too low.  Ok so what about multiple mobs, you have that great AOE spell that you only want to use on more than one mob.. no problem.  Tell the bot what spells to use when more than one mob are around you.  Ok finally, what about buffs?  That is also included in their ffxiv leveling bot.  Because Final Fantasy XIV has spells that last for a long time and some that only last for a few seconds, you choose what and when to buff.  If you only want to buff once when you start the bot, fine.  If you only want to buff after you die, fine.  Its all ready to go, and easy to setup.

Ok, so now you got all of your hotkeys setup you are ready to go and kill things.  The ffxiv bot is customizable so you can tell it where and what to hunt.  You create a waypoint path, which is basically pressing record, and running over the map where you want to hunt.  When done, tell it what to hunt.  Only want to fight those fireflys, no problem.  It will only kill those specific mobs.

Now you are ready to go, you press start, and the ff14 leveling bot is off and away.  It will hunt, and patrol those areas you setup.  But what if you get attacked or aggroed by another mob?  Again, the final fantasy xiv bot is there for you.  It will detect that you are getting attacked and stop and fight that monster.  If you need to rest between fights, again no problem.  But what if you die?  Have no fears, the bot will rez you, wait for the rez sickness to wear off, and then it will go back to where you told it to hunt.

Finally, what about other players watching you, what does the bot do?  What do you want it to do?  Want it to keep going like nothing is wrong?  Want it to stop and wait for them to leave?  Want it to log out?  All of these are included.

Thats, great, but you dont bot, you just want to harvest, and find the nodes faster?  No problem.  The MMOViper FFXIV Radar will show you it all.  Just look at the screenshot below, as you can see, you can customize the radar to show player and/or mobs and/or resources.  It makes finding those hard to find gathering nodes like Logs, or Mining spots a breeze. You can also set the range, and even have it flag specific things like named mobs/players.

So to sum up:

Final Fantasy XIV / FFXIV Leveling bot:

  1. Custom Hotkeys/Spells
  2. Custom Keyboard Configuration
  3. Custom Patrol Areas
  4. Custom Mobs to hunt
  5. Full Resurrect/Continue
  6. Player Detection/Monitoring
  7. Radar to show player/mobs/harvesting nodes
  8. Doesn’t get tired!!


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